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There's no vacation, or sick time and it's easy to lose yourself in the never-ending lists of things to do. You have goals and aspirations that seem to be falling by the wayside. You struggle with taking time for personal and professional development and often feel guilty doing the things that are just for you.


Mama Time Happy Hour is a workshop deigned to help busy, stressed, overwhelmed moms to stop settling in their lives by creating a self-care routine that benefits everyone.


As moms, we’ve become experts at putting the wants, needs and demands of everyone else ahead of our own. Sleep? Who needs sleep? A hot meal? What’s that like? We try and do all and be all to everyone else while allowing our bodies, minds and souls to sit on the back burner.


This 3 hour workshop will do 5 things:

  • Give you a much needed and well deserved breaks to focus on you!

  • Help you pinpoint the areas in your life that you are settling in.

  • Help you gain clarity on the things that brings you the most joy outside of your family.

  • Help you create a guilt free self-care routine that will bring more self-love, confidence and happiness into your life and will benefit everyone around you.

  • Help you set effective goals that will create massive momentum towards the life you desire!

limited space available 

My passion is to help women reconnect with their inner greatness and not allow motherhood to be a reason why you stop dreaming and settle on a mediocre life. You can have more, do more and be more and I want to show you how! Join me for this incredible night!



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